Artists and educators Chloe Briggs, Tania Kovats and Anita Taylor have come together to set up Drawing Correspondence. We are all internationally recognized leaders in the ever expanding field of drawing. Collectively we represent excellence in the teaching, research, and advocacy of drawing and have highly recognized and celebrated creative drawing practices. We are deeply committed to support the development of the drawing practice of others. 
We believe in a drawing practice as essential to a creative life.

Drawing is a tool for deep exploration
Drawing sensitizes us to looking at the world around us
Drawing is possible to do with humble, tools and means
Drawing is a democratic creative form
Drawing communicates beyond written and verbal language
Drawing is a form of expression that has existed since the beginning of time and continues expanding its form and reach.
Drawing Correspondence is an opportunity to work creatively and meaningfully with a community of drawing practitioners online.
Drawing Correspondence is motivated to find ways of making connection through drawing as we believe drawing is proving more important than ever as a tool to navigate the challenges we face.  
Drawing Correspondence wants to create an opportunity for people:

  • to find new, meaningful ways to connect drawing to their life
  • to offer tools to inspire and evolve, building confidence through practice
  • to connect participants to a critical and inspiring international peer group
  • to revive, or reignite a drawing practice that may need more support and challenge
  • to work with established institutions that support drawing and make opportunities for participants to learn from their resources. 
  • to build on tools that support practice beyond the encounter with Drawing Correspondence

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