Future Programs:

SHADOWLANDS / 5-week program

Drawing is an energetic dance between light and dark. The approaching shorter days and longer nights of winter in this part of the world put us all into the shadow of the season.

Drawing is a perfect medium to explore these darker days full of the drama of winter light and cold suns where we have more time with the moon and stars. Shadowlands is full of the lights we switch on and the shadows that they cast. The screens that glow in the evening, the candles and fires that we ignite, the acidity of street lights, and the company we blanket ourselves with to keep warm.

The shadowlands are also places at the political margins, at the edge of things, again a space drawing is well suited to occupy.

In the dark our other senses become more alert as we explore gardens glowing at night. The kingdom of plants in the northern temporal zone start to retreat back underground to escape frosts leaving behind the bare bones of skeletal trees.

We also slip into winter’s hibernation, sleeping and dreaming more.

What better way to notice, celebrate and play in the Shadowlands than with drawing. 

Deadline: 29th October 2023
Selected Participants Informed: 31st October 2023

Start date: 13th November 2023
End date: 15th December 2023

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Drawing Correspondence 1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions
These Individual Mentoring sessions are bookable hour-long session that support the critical development of your Drawing practice. The conversation will take place online, followed up with a written summary of the conversation.

Current Mentors:
Chloe Briggs
Tania Kovats

Bookable on request :

Cost : £120 per hour

How to Apply :
Participants send their chosen mentor : 5 X images of their recent work as a PDF, CV, and artist statement that shares their current focus.

Email : Drawing Correspondence with subject line ‘1-2-1 Mentoring Request’

Drawing Correspondence Membership :
We are developing a Drawing Correspondence Membership Scheme.
This will connect our members to our network and wider drawing community, with special membership events, newsletters, and promotional exchanges. The membership scheme will also help fund our bursaries for programs.

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