Future Programs:

Our Drawing Correspondence Online programs will move forward with the seasons. We have an Online Six Week Autumn program 'The Body I am In'; and an 'Online Surgery' for Winter 2021.
Detailed information about each program and how to apply will be posted a few weeks before delivery.

Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program - The Body I am In
(19th October - 23rd November 2021)

Live session / Every Tuesday / 5 – 7pm (UK time)

This is our second themed six-week program that consists of : shared drawing sessions, prompted independent drawing projects, feedback, surgeries and recommendations. These programs are designed to support the growth and critical evolution of your drawing practice in a supportive atmosphere.

As soon as we can draw, we try to draw the figure. Drawing the body, either ourselves or others is an endless exploration of what it means to be alive. Drawing from ourselves, people we know, or from ‘life models’, wrapped or unwrapped by the layers we cover ourselves with, is in measuring how we occupy space in the world. 

Our program will reflect on the changing body, body acceptance, gratitude and reverence, encouraging the grounding benefits of a drawing practice. Closer observation of the body through drawing encourages how we are part of nature, our authenticity, and celebrates vibrant physicality in all its complexity, as well as being a much-celebrated drawing discipline.  Our program has a non-judgemental approach to drawing and takes the opportunity of drawing together as a chance to build respect for yourself and others.  We will draw together and explore a range of dynamic approaches to drawing the body. 

Participants will be led through the program by all three Drawing Correspondence founding mentors, Chloe, Tania and Anita, supported by other individuals invited to be part of the program delivery.

We will connect participants to wider drawing networks and debates around drawing from the figure.

The Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program concludes with an online presentation of the work.

Program Outline Available on request.

Cost : £400 + there is one place offered under the Drawing Correspondence Bursary scheme.

See How to Apply

The Drawing Correspondence Six Week Online Course offers:
-       Guided live drawing sessions
-       Drawing Project Prompt
-       Group Discussion
-       Suggestions for further relevant Drawing Research and  Investigation
-       Connection to a Community of Drawing Practice

If you want to join any of the Drawing Correspondence Online Offers you will need to have
-      A strong wi-fi connection
-       An email address
-       A laptop or tablet
-       Be able to access Zoom
-       Facilities to document your drawings digitally as you make them

Drawing Correspondence 1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions
These Individual Mentoring sessions are bookable hour-long session that support the critical development of your Drawing practice. The conversation will take place online, followed up with a written summary of the conversation.

Current Mentors:
Chloe Briggs
Tania Kovats
Anita Taylor

Bookable on request :

Cost : £120 per hour

How to Apply :
Participants send their chosen mentor : 5 X images of their recent work as a PDF, CV, and artist statement that shares their current focus.

Email : Drawing Correspondence with subject line ‘1-2-1 Mentoring Request’

Drawing Correspondence Membership :
We are developing a Drawing Correspondence Membership Scheme.
This will connect our members to our network and wider drawing community, with special membership events, newsletters, and promotional exchanges. The membership scheme will also help fund our bursaries for programs.

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