What is the ambition for Drawing Correspondence?

We hope to :
  • build and celebrate our community of practice
  • celebrate diversity, inclusion and accessibility
  • build new expanding drawing programs to offer our community
  • widen our network of individuals that can support the delivery of Drawing

Correspondence Programs
  • increase our reach to address individuals and groups that may not have access to creative activity, including
  • building programs for young people and address how to reach people experiencing digital inequality
  • build our collective advocacy for the importance and value of maintaining a drawing practice.

How do I apply for the Six Week Pilot Program?
See ‘How to Apply to Six-Week Pilot Program?’

How many participants are you accepting into the Six-Week Pilot Program?
We are keeping the number of participants to small groups, no more than 10 to a group.
We will keep a waiting list open for future programs. 

What technology, tools and materials do I need to participate?
A strong wi-fi connection
An email address
A laptop or tablet
Be able to access Zoom
Facilities to document your drawings digitally as you make them
And of course things to draw with and on!

How much time I am expected to invest in the program each week? 
The program is designed to be a full-time experience and participants will be drawing independantly as well as joining live events and meetings over the course of the week.

How much contact time do I have with the directors of the program?
Approx 5 hours per week and it will take different forms over the course of the 6 weeks: one-to-one meetings, group drawing sessions and reviews of work with other participants.

How much does it cost?
£600 for the pilot Six Week Drawing Correspondence Online Program

Where do I pay? Who do I pay?
Drawing Projects UK will be taking and managing all payments for the pilot schemes.

Will there be any possiblity of a bursary?
We hope to be applying for and building funding structures so we can offer bursaries in the future. Accessiblity to our programs is an important part of our ambition.

Where do my fees go?
The fees cover the cost of delivery including: staff, administrative time and infrastructure.

Is there any other funding other than participants fees?
We have felt motivated to invest our time and energy to get this far to set up Drawing Correspondence (pro bono).
We are looking to secure funding support for this venture as well as generating income from our programs, all of which will make this a sustainable set of programs to offer our drawing community.

Who is on the selection committee?
The selection committee is made up of Chloe Briggs, Anita Taylor and Tania Kovats

Who can apply?
Everyone! We are dedicated to bringing a diverse and inclusive group of people together who share an interest in drawing and personal development in and through drawing regardless of background or experience. We are seeking participants from different countries, cultures and places who will bring their unique perspective. We aim to make our programmes accessible to all.

Can I apply more than once?
Yes. There will be a number of different programs and offers, and we will be making waiting lists for programs that are over subscribed

Can I apply from another country/time zone?
Yes. Although please bear in mind that many of the sessions are live and will happen in UK time. We will also be communicating in English.

Are the sessions recorded or do they only happen live?
What happens if I miss a session?

Where possible the sessions will be recorded and participants will be able to work from them asynchronously / in their own time.

Will there be opportunities to meet in person?
Drawing Correspondence will be looking to stage workshops, programs, events in the real world as and when this becomes possible again. Until then we will use the resources of digital communication to keep us connected.

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