Dates and title for Autumn Program to be announced. 


Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program - NATURE AS WITNESS
(2nd May - 10th June 2022)

This is was our third six-week, online program that invited participants to think about 
how we study and interact with nature, and how this encounter with the non-
human or beyond human is explored through drawing.

Participants were: David Barron, Annie Berriman, Caroline Burgess,  Lucy Crouch, 
Laura Fox,  Peter Gates, Sandra Partington, Jenny Purrett, Joanna Rucklidge, Fran


Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program - THE BODY I AM IN
(19th October - 23rd November 2021)

This was the second themed six-week program, a different version to the first,
it included: guided live drawing sessions, drawing project prompts, group discussions
and individual meetings, connection to a community of drawing practitioners 

Participants were:
Garry Barker, Elaine Burke, Yvonne Crossley, Yota Karas, Johanna Ljungberg,
Jacqueline Nicholls, Lucia Olivieri, Peisley, Katya Robin, Alys Scott-Hawkins, Clare Smith,
Victoria Walters


Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program - GROW
(22nd February - 2nd April, 2021)

This was the first themed six-week program that consisted of shared drawing
sessions, prompted independent drawing projects, group and individual
tutorials, feedback, surgeries and recommendations. These programs are designed
to support the growth and critical evolution of your drawing practice in a supportive

Participants were:
Ruth Broadbent, Hondarza Fraga, Aileen Harvey, Liz Horn, Edward Martin,
Kim Plowright, Sarah Praill, Petra Regent, Anna Rhodes, Nicola Scrutton. 
Now working together as HYPAE COLLECTIVE

and were led through the program by all three Drawing Correspondence
founding mentors, Chloe, Tania and Anita.

We connected participants to wider drawing networks and experiences through
digital exploration with National Collections and guests to the program:
Matthew Avignone, Akash Bhatt, Ioi Choi, Yutavia George, Jo Lewis, Gary Sangster, Emma Talbot.

The Drawing Correspondence Six Week Program concluded with an online
presentation of the work in the form of a publication. 

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